Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Month Two

You can fit your entire fist in your scares me a little bit.

Nana was holding you one night while you were sleeping.  "I want to take you and run away to an island, where I will rock you and sing to you forever." She said.  It melted my heart to visibly see the strongest bond between you two. 

You wore a Dallas Cowboys onsie for Thanksgiving.  

Auntie shared the chocolate frosting off her cupcake with you. You loved it. 

We went to the "Witches Festival" Halloween celebration. I thought you would love the sights and colors. Instead, you slept through the whole thing.

Your love for windows and the boys increases every day, but the bathroom has lost its appeal.  

You enjoy the winter; you like cold weather and watching the fire. 

You can't keep the pacifier in your mouth, but you like to help me hold it for you. 

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