Monday, March 18, 2013

Month Six

Hold your horses, kiddo. You’re 6 months; not 16 years…so stop acting like it.  This has been a crazy month for you. You’ve experienced so many new things, it’s as if you’re skipping this baby thing and heading straight for adolescence- a force to be reckoned with. 

You have a serious love-hate relationship with your car seat.  Let’s be honest, it’s an altogether hate, and in fact the only love thing about it is the new places you go once you’re freed- oh, how you love new places. Babies are a pretty hot commodity, but you my friend, are in the limelight.  Everyone is attracted to you. I don’t know if it’s that bald head or huge grin that draws people in, but once they are there, they are captivated for good. 

Not much has changed on the home front. You spend your days perusing the living room floor, exploring the hallways in your walker, and your nights cuddled up right in between mom and dad. I wouldn’t say you’ve successfully mastered crawling because you more resemble a walrus on land that a mobile baby but you are so close to victory.  Another big first is that you sit in high chairs at restaurants. The only reason this didn’t happen months ago wasn’t the lack of skill on your part, but more or less my severe co-dependency constantly getting in the way of your independency. 

You’ve spent the majority of your time voicing your opinion; it seems you have one on just about everything.  I’ve learned the difference in all your tones. They aren’t words yet, but you’re speaking full sentences just the same. Cars, doctor offices, crowded restaurants are all the same to you- a place to turn on your charm and captivate your audiences. You’re quite the loud lady, and no matter how hard I try, manners just don’t apply to you. Sometimes, I’m that mom with that baby but it’s always in a good way.

You’ve traveled way more than you wanted to this month but you’ve experienced so many first, it has been so well worth it (for me and my picture taking obsession).   This has been the most maturing month, so many first, so much personality, and a lot of family time.

You’re the light of my life, and have been since the moment of your existence.  We’ve been traveling a lot without your daddy, and he misses you so much, but the smiles and giggles that emerge from your reunion makes my heart melt more than anything.  You're turning in to such a little lady. We love you Bird. 

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