Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Out of the Closet

Maybe it can go without saying and maybe others need an explanation, but here it is; I support Gay rights. I am God fearing, bible reading, cross wearing Christian, and I support the right of equality for all.

Gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, whatever…I support your earthly right to follow your heart.

Say whaaat?? Conservative Christian Elizabeth is going against the Bible and advocating one of the biggest sins out there? Surely, she must not be a true Christian. Maybe the husband baby thing is a cover up for her own gayness? The Bible clearly states homosexuality is a big no-no. Or does it?

Well folks, sorry to stop your gossip train, but I am indeed a full-fledged straighty.  Though I do enjoy rainbows…

I’m not here to eradicate your core beliefs and demand you have a change of heart. Along those same lines, I’m not here to debate this with the thumpin’ of your scriptures to counteract mine. Because, let’s face it, the fight for gay rights goes so far beyond any of our opinions. But isn’t that why we’re having this debate in the first place? Because everyone has varied opinions? Well, maybe I have something to say that might sooth your judging soul.

This is the part where I could summarize a wonderful article written by (a way more knowledgeable) Christian in my same boat, but instead I’m going to link you over HERE, and hope you read it for yourself.  And by read, I mean read the whole dang thing folks. It’s long, so you might need to push pause on your rerun of The OC, but it will at least give you some insight.   

I don’t feel as strongly as the author does, because I haven’t experienced the same tribulations of my friends deeply involved in the Gay community. But what I do feel in my heart is that that God loves us all, regardless of circumstance. Amen? Amen.

I will say I especially enjoyed Argument #4- Because God Says So. That’s been the foundation of every Christian’s argument.   I’ve spent my fair share of time in prayer to ask for guidance on how to view homosexuality.

I woke up this morning to facebook covered in red equality signs, and I had zero intentions of changing my picture.  Are we going to overturn Prop 8 through changing your profile icon? Nope. But did you know I supported equality before today? Probably not. And I was pleasantly surprised at the number of my friends who publically support it as well. What are we doing then? Why change your picture? Why write a blog? Because one voice, one picture, one word at a time we’re demolishing the taboo of supporting Gay rights.  And eventually, the world will be one red equal sign. Maybe it won’t happen this time, or the next but in the famous words of some teeny-bopper who got at least one thing right, never say never.

So whatever it is your stance is, get educated. It’s not our place to judge; that job is reserved for the Big Man. I’ll admit, I was indeed a closet gay rights activist. Well folks, here’s to coming out of the closet. Let’s all live in love. 

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