Sunday, January 20, 2013


Being a stay at home momma has it's advantages and disadvantages.  For one, it killed my social interactions and our income took a nosedive.  Minor details, right? But all thanks to my hubs hard work and a new group for Bridger Valley Mommies, it's all smooth sailing from here. One other main advantage? I can craft to my hearts content.  

Here's an example or two..or nineteen.

                 number made: 5                                 number made: 2


 number made: 3

bird helped on this one

 number made: 4

   number made: 12 sets                          number made: 6

necklace charm all handmade except the feather

And I'm getting just a tad excited for Valentines Day

Happy crafting fellow mommies.

or dads.
or single folk.
or folks with no kids.
whomever, actually. 

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