Wednesday, January 16, 2013


We traded; the bird and I did.  

See, since I was 15, I've needed my wisdom teeth pulled. And ten years later I finally mustered up the guts to do it.  So I scheduled the surgery and penciled in a week for recover at my Mommas house.  Everything went great;  I don't remember a dang thing and Lilly bounced down the halls with her Nana as they waited.  I expected a week on the couch eating my fair share of pudding and ice cream. Instead, we went out for chicken wings and french fries the next day.  Easy-peasy.  

Not so easy-peasy? Bird on drugs. Since we didn't get the no boob milk for you memo until after the surgery, we tried our luck with formula and a bottle.  That kid impresses me everyday with her ability to catch whatever I throw at her. She took to it like it was no big deal. It made our midnight snacks a little difficult, but we survived. 

What did we trade? Teeth.  I lost four and Bird gained one.  Sure enough, Saturday morning, an extra guest made an appearance. Bird's first tooth, on the bottom right to be exact.  It's a pretty big deal around here. 

So, four days after the surgery I can finally justify my "week of recovery".  Between my regimen of Lortab, Ibuprofen, and amoxicillin, a horrible case of nausea hit.  No joke, even facebooking would make me nauseated.  Woe is me. So while I kept to myself on the couch, here is a recap of the bird happenings. 

1. Woke up next to Nana. It was going to be a good day from the start.

2. Shared some bananas with Papa.

3. Cruised around in my automobile.  

4. Cruised around in Nana's automobile, with no particular place to go.

 5. Spent the evening hanging out in my Jonny Jump-up.

 6.  Ended the night curled up with Papa, Jack-Jack, Allie, and Toby. Can you guess who's who?


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