Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Month Four

All of your clothes say 0-3 months.  In fact, everything so far has been “0-3 months”. Every milestone, pair of socks, and carseat settings can fit into 0-3. And now all of the sudden, you’re four months old.  What do I do with a four month old? 

A sudden and accidental swing at a toy has now become intentional grabs at your Papa’s nose or big reaches for my cup of coffee. You are so good with your hands.  I love watching you grow and learn. First it was your entire fist in your mouth and now you can pinpoint your pointer finger right into your mouth. You’re so sassy. Everything is done with intent now; every smile, cry, laugh, stare and grab.  

Christmas was spectacular with you, especially the wrapping paper. You scored a toy or two, pretty cute outfits, books, and boxes of diapers. All of which you could care less about because you had paper. But dad and I surly appreciated it all. Next year will be yours Bird.   You gave dad and me a pretty cool gift as well. You rolled over, the day after christmas. You always keep us guessing. Nana was there to see it. And when we cheered and yelled for you, you cried.  I guess were a little more excited than you were.  

You didn’t do as well with New Year’s.  You kinda pooped out on us around 9:00. It’s okay, we kissed you anyway.  

You have a Jenny Jump-up.  We haven’t used it until now because your head didn’t reach the top and your feet couldn’t touch the ground. But you are the jump-up extraordinaire. We discovered your love for jumping when just sitting with us was no longer acceptable.  Everything was about standing up and moving those little legs of yours, and move they do. You are so strong.  You go absolutely crazy in that thing.  Jumping all over, swinging, and laughing the whole time...until you hit your head. Then it’s no fun and time for mom to come get you. You’re a champ when you hit your me, I’ve whacked it on enough things by now for you to be used to it. Sorry about that Bird. 

You are the biggest love. Nothing makes me happier than the smile we both get when we see each other.  Rather it’s after nap time, date night with daddy, or entering a room, your bald headed toothless smile gets me every time.  

So now, your clothes are either too tight or too big.  You play instead of sleep.  And the introduction to bananas is going well...very well. What a month, my big girl, so long baby bird, and hello silly Lilly. 

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