Monday, May 2, 2011

Bunnies and Burritos

So it occurred to me that I absolutely love it when my friends’ vehicles break down. See, when their cars are out of commission they totally and completely rely on me I beg them to let me drive them around town. It doesn’t concern me in the slightest that it totally sucks for them, because I pretty much make them hang out with me when they need to go somewhere.  The Duncan’s entire car lot went ka-poot.  Seriously, like three vehicles in a week. Honestly though, it’s not like she has anything better to do that hang out with me all day, so it totally works out for the both of us. Kidding. But in all reality, they don’t make me drive them anywhere, but when they do I get the opportunity, it’s fun having them around.

Tonight was one of those reoccurring rare occasions where I kidnapped Trista and the girls and came home to Brent, and had burritos for dinner. Dale was being the “responsible adult” (really, who does that?) and was putting a new engine in one of their cars while us girls played.  Brent had just gotten home from a long day of work as well (again with the responsibility crap). So pretty much it was my obligation and duty to cook dinner.  Hard life, right? 

The bunnies come into play right after dinner. We made chocolate covered strawberries…and peep marshmallow bunnies. Yu-um-my. The melted chocolate came from the solid chocolate bunnies I just had to have.  Gotta be quick though…marshmallows tend to melt quickly in boiling chocolate. Go figure. 

The burritos were more than just food on our plate. We had some real live burritos hanging out in our living room. Such couch potatoes burritos.

Dale throughly enjoyed his evening, as much as he would like to fight it. 


  1. That looks yummy! But you really do need to stop breaking peoples cars so that you have someone to hang out with! Someone is going to figure it out eventually and then your gonna be in trouble! Really Liz? 3 cars in one week? You really are desperate aren't you! I am sure that you can make some real friends if you try!!! ;)

  2. I am SO thrilled that I learned your secrets Liz. Really.... breaking our cars? Oh well... You can spend time with us whether you break our cars or not.

    I LOVE the picture of Dale. Although he loves you guys, I'm certain he did not have NEAR the fun we had. :) I'm thankful our husbands are responsible... oh... and they put up with our chocolate melting, bunny murdering chenanigans!

    BTW: Those are THE cutest burritos I've ever seen!

  3. Hahahaha i have to agree with Sadie there!!! hahaa Nice to know I was invited!!!!!

  4. I made chocolate covered bunnies because of you. :)