Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Six Legs

Before I get down to what y'all really come here for, I wanted to say a little something about having faith. When it rains, it pours. And God has rocked our little town clear down to it's foundation. And I can honestly say, that whatever trials people are going through, whatever fears they are facing, whatever mountains they have to climb; it's all in His plan. You WILL turn out to be stronger, fearless, and triumphant if you have faith in Him. Keep within His will and do these things for the glory of His name, and trust in Him. We're praying. :)

My lack of absence does not go without justification this time, as many of my previous hiatuses have. This time, it can all be blamed on a couple of fellow redheads. Six legs have been added to the Clark household, and surprisingly they aren't covered in fur. You may have seen them floating around this blog before, but you can expect them to be making regular appearances from here on out. This is for a couple of reason: 1. I will be seeing A LOT more of them, and 2. they don't mind having a camera follow them around constantly...unlike Mr. Brent.  I'll leave the other details up to your imaginative minds, 'cause let's be honest, this town is really good at that.

Since I'm really big on introductions (cat, dog, people...whatever) I will do just that. (I hate when I go to someones blog and they have all these people they talk about, and you have no idea who they are...I feel as though if you're going to have a blog, every detail about every aspect needs to be completely clear! Duh!) 

Trista: The matriarch of the Duncan Clan. The leader of the laughter, the creator of the craziness. The calm to the storm, and the waves to the ocean. Freaking hilarious this woman is. Strong as a rock too.  Definitely my Soul Sister. If you know me, you know her. If you know her, know me. 

Grace: The eldest. Most definitely the more cautious of the two. She has learned her limits and won't dare go past them, though with a little coaxing, she'll try anything once.  Full of giggles and smiles with the occasional emotional moment of pure innocence. Brilliant. And I mean brilliant. She understands so much more than the average seven year old, with the knowledge and experience found in the depths of her books.   She is a "who, what, where, when, and why" child, and finds security in the details. She is never to busy for the hug of a life time.  She is put together, organized, and socially commendable in all occasions.  

Faith: The youngest.  Free spirited, and a modern day hippie.  A fly by the seat of your pants child with no concern of limitations. If ever in need of a laugh, call Faith. The words that come out of her mouth are so funny and outrageously smart, it's almost unbelievable you're taking to a five year old.  There is no need for fresh clothes, combed hair, or clean faces.  (But no worries, Mommy implements those sorts of rules) She is outgoing and will tell anyone about her love for unicorns and princesses.  Her imagination is always one step ahead of her mouth, and will be the one to tell you a bedtime story or sing you a lullaby. She has the ability to speak with animals, imaginary friends, and God on a level so deep you nor I will ever be able to understand...I hope she never grows out of that.

I want to share little blurbs about our adventures, things overheard from the backseat of the car, the bathtub, or the kitchen table.
I'm loving this time in my life. 

Faith's Prayer for Dinner
(I should state that she was recently given a giant stuffed penguin, and it has become the center of our lives)

"Um, Dear God. Please help Penguin with his eye allergies. Help Brent with the fires. Amen"
"Oh ya, and Lizzy with the ambulance that she saves people. Amen again"

Who knew stuffed penguins have eye allergies? 

Grace's Show and Tell Dilemma 
(Grace has fallen in love with Ashley, my sister-in-law, and she was over hanging out with us yesterday. Grace didn't leave her side....I became chopped liver) 

"Gracey, are you still going to bring Zip for show and tell tomorrow?"

"Ya, well....I was thinking I could bring Ashley instead."

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