Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day Three

A Picture of...
When you looked different

.What do I see? Cute new hairdo, tan and thin. Cosmetically, I look no different that I do now. But when I look past the smile, it's not about how I look different, it's how I feel different. This picture is about how much I have altered my internal appearance.  

I was not the woman that I am today. There, I was a Barbie playing house. The shell of a girl coated with layers of ambitions unparalleled to reality; dreams, laughter and security. But the filling underneath didn't match. Inside were the insecurities, doubts, and mistakes hidden so deep, even I didn't realize how thick they had become.  I knew the path I was on was no where near my destination. Something had to change. And, by trial and error, it did. 

Today, I am a strong woman inside and out. I know who I am in life, in my relationships, and in God. So my hair is much longer, my skin is a little paler, and my figure is a little fuller. But smiles aren't forced, laughs aren't fake, and my heart is full. I like the new me. I like looking different. 


  1. I am very proud of you and love you very much.

  2. I never knew the old Liz but I sure love the new one:)